Wall Art

Here at Laura Robinson Photography, we strongly believe that a printed, tangible photo is important to have.  Something you can touch, hold, see.  Something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren... 

We proudly offer many beautiful options for custom wall art. We live in a digital age, and it is vitally important to print our memories.  Digital files cannot be touched, hung on the wall, seen in an album.  So, while we do offer digital negatives, we would love to share our printed products with you.

We offer a wide range of canvas and wall art gallery collections to showcase your beautiful wedding images.  Whether you prefer a simple canvas gallery wrap or one of our upgraded, framed gallery wraps, you will be able to view your images as art in your home everyday.  

Wall Art Sizes.png

Endless Wall Art Options

Mounted Photo Prints

11x14  -  $40

16x24  -  $95

24x36  -  $165

32x48  -  $275

Canvas Prints

11x14  -  $75

16x24  -  $145

24x36  -  $265

32x48  -  $425

Framed Canvas Prints

11x14  -  $145

16x24  -  $195

24x36  -  $285

32x48  -  $495

Metal Prints

11x14  -  $75

16x24  -  $145

24x36  -  $145

32x48  -  $375


Various Wall Art Gallery Designs Available - Starting at $395