Why You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

We live in a technology-driven world.  Cell phones, iPads, laptops, video cameras and "Uncle Bob" with his "fancy" camera... all easily accessible and oftentimes present at your wedding ceremony.

But who cares if your guests take photos or not?  Well, you just might.  Because instead of seeing a beautiful photo of you and your beloved, you just might see you two, plus 3 iPhones, 2 handycams and 1 giant iPad in the photo as well.  Or worse... there is no photo of your "first kiss" because "Aunt Barbara" decided to jump up in front of the photographer to get "the shot".... meaning, the blurry, pixelated photo of your first kiss, instead of a beautiful, sentimental image you would cherish forever.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider an "unplugged" wedding ceremony.


1.  You want your guests to be "present" and in the moment with you

Everything else aside, your wedding ceremony is a sacred event and should be treated as such.  As you and your sweetheart commit to love, cherish, honor and support one another through life, an "unplugged" ceremony will gently remind guests to put the camera down and be fully present for this beautiful occasion.  

As you walk down the aisle... do you want to see teary eyes and happy smiles?  Or do you want to see your guests seeing your wedding ceremony through a 5 inch screen?  As you say your vows, do you want to look over and see your mother wiping a tear from her eye, or taking an iPhone video of your vows?

2.  Family/Guests can interfere with professional coverage

This is a big one.... and really, second only to "be present" when it comes to importance.  Though almost always entirely unintentional, well-meaning family and friends may unwittingly interfere with the professional photos/video coverage.

As you walk down the aisle, guests with their cell phones, iPads and point-and-shoot cameras will lean into the aisle or step out in front of the photographer so that they can get "their photo", potentially interfering with a professional photo or video shot... and sometimes, there is nowhere for the pro to move to get a new shot.

As you go in for your First Kiss (which usually lasts about 2 seconds).... guests may step into the aisle and completely block the shot of the photographer/videographer.  But their photo/video will suffice, right?

 Copyright 2016 - Laura Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com

3.  You are already paying for professional photos/video

One of the reasons you've hired a professional photographer and/or videographer is to ensure that your wedding day is captured beautifully.... and PROFESSIONALLY.  If you've hired a quality photographer/videographer, you should have already seen examples of how they document a wedding ceremony.  They are trained in the art of anticipation... they know where to stand, where to move, what angle to shoot and when to anticipate something "big" happening.

.... "Uncle Bob" will not be able to create professional-quality photos and/or video for you.  So if you've hired professionals to do this, allow them full-reign to do their jobs, without distraction or interruption.

 Copyright 2016 - Laura Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com

 4.  You won't get meaningful, emotional photos of family/guests if they are holding a screen in front of their face

This is probably the most hurtful of all... instead of being "present", your family and guests are watching the most important moment of your life.... through a 3 to 5 inch screen.  They aren't really "seeing" this incredible event, they aren't experiencing it.

The easiest way to encourage your family and guests to be present is to ask them to leave the cell phones and iPads off until after the ceremony.  But for the next 15-30 minutes... just be "present".  Be here.  Cry with you.  Laugh with you.  Pray with you.  And celebrate this sacred moment for what it is.