The 10 Best Wedding Trends for 2017 and Beyond


In a world filled with Pinterest, bridal magazines and of course, all that free advice from family and friends... there is an endless supply of wedding inspiration.  But if you're looking for the hottest new trends for 2017 and beyond, check out our handy list of the top ten trends below.  Which of these elements will your wedding feature?


Color really is the breakout trend for this year!  Not over-the-top, dress-everyone-like-a-rainbow color... but bright pops of color in floral bouquets, table decor, and mismatched bridesmaids dresses.  Earthy tones have seen a rise in popularity and brides are ditching the ever-popular "blush" palette and opting for a bit more pizzazz in their day... and makes the day far more unique!

Oversized, Garden-Fresh Organic Wedding Bridal Bouquet from Lyons Farmette


One of our FAVORITE trends from the last year that is continuing on this year is the oversized, organic wedding bouquets.  Brides are opting to invest in BEAUTIFUL bouquets, which in turn creates an even more upscale, beautiful look to their wedding day and of course, their wedding portraits.  Gone are the days of round bouquets of roses... and with the cost of silk flowers, you're better off investing in a beautiful bridal bouquet, even if you are cutting corners with wholesale flowers for the other floral bouquets and decor.

Fresh, lush green table garlands at wedding reception


Brides are definitely losing their love for all things "rustic" and are instead moving to a more organic, whimsical look, especially with the addition of green leaf garlands and loose greens, such as eucalyptus, boxwood, and others.  The greens provide a beautiful pop of neutral color which adds instant elegance and fits any decor and any wedding theme.


We LOVE this trend!  Instead of dressing all of your bridesmaids in one-color, one-style of bridesmaids dresses, brides are really loving the mismatched, coordinated palette of tones, particularly in neutral palettes, warm hues and cool hues.  Incorporating textures is another variation of this, such as different sparkly dresses, lace in various textures and shades, etc.  You can also incorporate this trend with your groomsmen, with different, yet coordinated colors for ties, socks, even shirts. 

Apple pies instead of wedding cake non-traditional wedding cake substitute - apple orchard wedding pie cake 


This is definitely our tastiest addition to this list!  Since not everyone loves cake, we LOVE the departure from traditional wedding cakes (and especially those pesky cake-cutting fees many venues charge!).  Many couples are opting for different desserts, such as a dessert bar with numerous desserts, apple pies, donuts, cupcakes, cake pops and more.  The sky is really the limit here!  If your groom's favorite dessert is pecan pie... let him have it!  It's your day, and it should be delicious.  And if you're still set on a wedding cake, get a small cutting cake, and serve whatever dessert your desire for your guests!  They really just want something sweet after dinner, anyway.  And go ahead and go taste all the cake you want, if that suits your fancy!


Incorporating beautiful, elegant hand-drawn calligraphy into the wedding day is a trend that is timeless and making a really strong comeback after a hiatus.  Wedding invitations, custom signs, place cards and more are all seen with gorgeous hand-lettering.  What we love most is that this isn't your grandma's Victorian-esque, million-dollar wedding-style of calligraphy... these are custom, hand-lettered, creative ways to add some style into your day!

Unplugged wedding no guest cameras at ceremony sign idea 


As wedding photographers, this is one trend we'd love to see stick around.  With the emergence of technology invading every aspect of our lives, we still believe that the wedding ceremony is a sacred, beautiful moment in time that deserves to be respected and witnesses should be PRESENT.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than some random uncle stepping out and blocking the view of the groom seeing his bride for the first time, just to get "his shot".... or seeing all of your guests holding up cameras, smartphones and iPads in front of their faces, and watching your wedding through a tiny screen, instead of the beautiful moment happening right before them.  Take a look at our whole blog post dedicated to why you should consider an Unplugged Wedding.


Wedding day BLING!  This trend has been around for a little while and it just keeps getting better.  Instead of just picking a wedding color and some accent colors, couples are opting to add in tones of gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, and other shiny elements.  We see these metallic accents on everything from embossed wedding invitations, to mercury glass candle holders, to even gold-sequined bridesmaids dresses and bouquet ribbon.  These accents can be as subtle or as extravagant as you wish!  They just add an unexpected little pop of class into the day that we really love.

S'Mores bar at wedding - dessert bar 


Your wedding is not like anyone else's... so why should your guests all have the same food or dessert?!  Showcase your personalities and your tastes through food bars, beverage bars and dessert bars!  The sky is absolutely the limit here.  There is no official wedding rule book that says "thou shalt serve chicken and fish".  If you love tacos, have a taco bar!  Are you coffee-aholics and everyone knows it?  Feature a yummy coffee bar with different toppings.  Or maybe you want to skip the traditional wedding cake and offer an elaborate, DELICIOUS spread of desserts, such as different flavors of pie (maybe even baked by family members!) or different bite-sized desserts.  We even had one couple who served up an OREO COOKIE BAR... complete with milk.


As couples begin to plan the BIG DAY, the planning can become overwhelming... so many choices, who do you invite, how much will it cost.  We are absolutely in love with the intimate wedding trend we've been seeing, with couples opting out of the 250-person guest list and choosing instead to have an intimate wedding with 10-50 guests.  The bride and groom may choose to have a small destination wedding, or perhaps marry at the family cabin.  These intimate weddings allow the couples to really skip the hoopla of a big, elaborate wedding and concentrate on the people that mean the most to them.  While the catering budget is definitely smaller in most cases, many couples opt for the smaller guest count in order to have the wedding of their dreams and treat their guests well, instead of finding the cheapest options for so many people.  At the end of the day, as long as you're married, that's all anyone really wants anyways!