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9 Wedding Planning Secrets (that NOBODY Tells You About)

In the crazy world of weddings, there are literally ENDLESS resources that are available to help you plan your dream wedding.  But sometimes, you really just want someone to cut through the BS and give you the reader's digest version of what you NEED TO KNOW.

Here's a quick list to get you started -- 9 wedding planning secrets that nobody tells you about.  (Good news -- I will!)

Elopement vs Intimate Wedding: What is the difference?

Elopement vs Intimate Wedding:  What is the difference?

"Intimate weddings" seem to be a buzz word in today's culture.  The idea of casting aside the large, expensive wedding hoopla for an intimate, backyard wedding, or small wedding with just close family and friends seems very appealing to many modern couples.  Modern wedding culture places so much emphasis on the dress and the venue and the florals and the cake and the pomp and circumstance -- many millennial couples are opting to go for a lower key and more thoughtful wedding celebration versus the big party.

So what is the difference between eloping and an intimate wedding?  (Yes, there actually is a difference or two!)

While they tend to be used interchangeably amidst wedding planning couples, we'll break down the differences between elopements and intimate weddings (and which one may be right for you!). 

How to Choose Your Wedding Officiant

When you're trying to figure out your wedding ceremony details, there is one very important decision to make -- who will actually perform the ceremony and marry you?  Your wedding officiant will set the tone for your guests and can create an incredibly memorable experience for you and your soon-to-be-spouse. When you are choosing a wedding ceremony celebrant, there are a few things to consider.  For some, this decision is a no-brainer; for others, it is a daunting, stress-inducing task to check off the wedding To-Do list.  Some couples leave this very important To-Do until later in their wedding planning process, but it is can be slightly more involved than one might imagine — so be sure to book your officiant early in the wedding process.