How We Used Gmail/Google to Stay Organized For Our Wedding

Our Wedding Day ..... Image by Julie Paisley Photography

Our Wedding Day ..... Image by Julie Paisley Photography

As a (semi) newlywed myself, I thought I would pass along some FANTASTIC tips that helped Nathan and I stay organized and sane leading up to our wedding.  And they're so simple, you'll wonder why you didn't think of them already!!

1.  Sign up for a new GMAIL address... that is ONLY for your wedding!

This takes 60 seconds and will save your sanity... guaranteed!  By keeping your wedding emails separate from your regular inbox(es).  

Be sure to share the new email login/password with your sweetheart, and be sure to load the new Gmail address into your mobile phone email apps to always stay on top of vendor and wedding planning emails!

Not only will you stay organized with your new inbox.... you can literally just forget about it after the wedding is over and all vendors have been paid, etc.

.... definitely beats hitting "unsubscribe" on 50 different wedding email lists!

2.  Add a new Google Voice number that is JUST for the wedding

Once you've signed up for your new Gmail account, head on over to Google Voice and sign up for a FREE Google Voice number.  This is seriously the best!!  You can have Google ring your cell phone or not... personally, I chose to let all vendor related calls never ring my cell phone, and I would see all missed calls and get all voicemails via the Google voice app / my email inbox.

Keeps the incessant vendor calls at bay and allows you to be connected and call back when it's convenient for you.  AND voicemails are transcribed right to your inbox!

3.  Use Google Docs/Spreadsheets to get organized and collaborate

We used Google Spreadsheets for the amazing collaboration functionality.  It is SO easy to create, share and update spreadsheets, both on the computer, and on the go via tablet or smartphone.  We created spreadsheets for the following:

  • WEDDING BUDGET!  So important!
    • Yes, there are other wedding websites that offer wedding budget templates and such, but I wanted to have a completely custom wedding budget spreadsheet so I could add, delete, etc. whatever I needed.  We had columns for Description (ie - Wedding Dress, Dress Alterations, Ceremony Silk Draping, etc.), Category (ie - Hair and Makeup, Venue Decor, etc.), Amount Needed,(ie - 20... tall candles for example), Cost (ie - $248.19) and Category Total (ie - Venue and Catering - $8876.90)

      We tracked every single dollar that we spent on our wedding, and also budgeted out how much we had to save in the 10 months leading up to our wedding!
  • Initial Guest Invite List
    • Listing out main contact, spouse/partner, and any kids that would be included.  Listing everything out this way helped us to realize how many kids were potentially going to be invited!  This was very easy to share between our parents/grandparents and make sure we weren't missing anyone from the list... and to make sure we had the correct contact info/address for those guests.
  • Save the Date Address List
    • We created this spreadsheet, based off of the initial guest invite list, and then added in mailing addresses.  We created columns for full name, greeting (ie- "Mr. and Mrs. Tim Smith" and address, so that we could import directly into our account, where we printed our Save the Dates (and wedding invites!) from and they all came pre-addressed... .LIFESAVER!
  • RSVP List
    • We had a wedding website I custom built through Squarespace, where guests could RSVP standard name(s) and meal choices and it was loaded directly into a Google Spreadsheet for easy viewing!  The best part was that we could simply add to that list with any paper RSVP's we received in the mail
  • Table Seating Chart
    • Once we knew who had RSVP'd, we began to create our table seating charts.  Very simply, we knew which tables had 8 seats and which had 12, so we planned accordingly, using the names from the RSVP list until everyone had been assigned a table.  THIS MAKES UPDATING A SEATING CHART SO MUCH EASIER!
  • Wedding Day Timeline
    • As a wedding photographer myself, I already used Google Spreadsheets to create custom wedding day timelines for my clients.... so I made one for myself!  The trick is to figure out when sunset is (because golden hour portraits are THE BEST!) and then create the timeline for the day around sunset and ceremony time.  Incredibly easy to update and share with everyone, including photographer, DJ and videographer prior to the wedding day!  Everything was "budgeted" out on the timeline, down to 15 minute increments.  The day went smooth as silk!

I hope these easy tips help you as much as they helped us plan and stay organized for our own wedding!  The best part?  When you're all done, you can just "forget" about that extra Gmail.  No having to unsubscribe for hours!

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