How to Add Pops of COLOR Into Your Wedding Day Color Palette

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As you begin to plan your dream wedding, it's time to start considering color palettes and ways to infuse color into your big day! 

Some brides prefer a very natural, neutral or subtle aesthetic, while others definitely trend toward a more vibrant color palette or jewel tones. 

Adding pops of color all throughout your wedding can help you infuse style and personality into your big day. From bridesmaids dresses to bouquets, cakes, invitations suites and more...Here are our favorite ways to add hints of color throughout your wedding day!

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Bridesmaids Dresses

This is where most brides typically start with adding color into their day. 

If you prefer neutral shades (think nudes, golds, grays, creams, etc), this is actually ones place you should NOT add much color. 

If you want to add some personality to your day, consider soft, rich, earthy tones (like navy, cranberry, slate, etc.) or pastels (blush, periwinkle, mint, etc.) 

If you really want to make a statement, you can choose a more vibrant tone to add more impact (such as magenta, emerald, ruby red, or sapphire blue). 

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Bouquets + boutonnieres

One of the other obvious choices for some pops of color would be the floral bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.  Whether choosing soft, neutral tones or vibrant jewel tones, designing a beautiful wedding palette often revolves around the floral choices.  You can include a single monotone palette or a mash-up of beautiful colors to add some POP to the day!

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Colored Suits and Tuxedos

One of my personal FAVORITE trends -- the newfound popularity of colored suits and tuxedos!  A great way to add a little pizzazz to the day, blue suits have become all the rage (no complaints here!).  Other non-black-or-gray shades are growing in popularity too.  Whether you decide on a classic shade or a bit of color, this is one sure-fire way to step outside the wedding comfort zone. 

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Ties + shirts + pocket squares

Adding hints of color to the guys' attire -- ties, shirts, suspenders, or pocket squares is also a very easy and more subtle way to add just a hint of color to your wedding palette.

Invitation Suite

From invitations to envelopes, gorgeous envelope liners and even custom stamps -- the invitation suite is the opening act of any wedding day.  Your wedding invitation suite (and Save the Dates!) sets the tone for the colors and vibe of your day.

Colored Wedding Dress

A trend that is growing in popularity is the choice of colored wedding gowns.  Blush and other pale tones are the most popular non-white-or-ivory tones that we've seen.  Champagne is a bit closer to a traditional dress color, since ivory gowns have been around forever.  Some brides really opt to stand out -- with red wedding gowns, black wedding gowns and more.  Choosing a dress that isn't a more "traditional" shade is definitely one way to infuse personality into your big day!

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Bride's Shoes

This is one of my personal favorites when it comes to a quick pop of color (and a great dash of style!) -- the bride's shoes!  The shoes a bride chooses for her wedding day offer a great insight into her personal style.  Whether choosing Jimmy Choos or colorful flats, you can find any color of the rainbow to wear on your wedding day.  This little pop of color can be subtle or dramatic based on color choice, and can really add a statement to your day (and make a great addition to styled detail photos!).

Centerpieces + Other Floral Designs

Along the same lines as the bouquets, the additional floral design elements can play a large role in where color is added to your wedding palette.  Couples may choose to add color in their centerpieces, ceremony decor, and more.  The impact can be subtle or great, depending on vibrancy and size of the designs. 

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Colored Silk Robes

When you are getting ready for the big day, colored or patterned silk, satin, lace, or cotton robes are a fabulous idea for you and your bridesmaids!  Another option would be bridal tank tops or button-down shirts, to make sure hair and makeup won't be disturbed when it's time to get dressed.

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Again playing off of the floral theme, adding colored ribbons to a bridal bouquet or bridesmaids bouquets can be a very easy way to add a quick hint of color, and also adds more texture and styling elements for photos.

Wedding Cake

A wedding centerpiece, the wedding cake is an iconic way to make a statement at your wedding.  Whether with colored frosting or fondant, sugar flowers or even fresh blooms, the wedding cake is an easy place to add a pop of color to your day without overwhelming a neutral or more subtle color palette.  It can be a hint of color or a statement piece -- you decide!

Draped Fabric

Draping a swath of fabric or adding colored draping to your venue's ceilings can be a show-stopper!  If you choose to drape or hang any fabric to add a style element, it is an easy way to add some color to your big day.

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Table Linens and Runners

Choosing the colors for table cloths and runners is a big deal -- it sets the tone for the entire reception.  Some brides prefer light and bright (white tones, or blush, for example) whereas others might prefer bold and colorful (like magenta or black + white stripes or gold sequins!).  So much personality can be shared through linen choices.


Colored and/or textured napkins are a very inexpensive rental or wholesale purchase and helps to add some flair to your reception tables.  They are small and can be similar tones or completely different from the table linens, to provide yet another dimension for color.

Desserts (Donuts, Cupcakes, etc.)

Definitely the TASTIEST way to add some color to your day!  If you want to take a spin away from traditional wedding cake or simply offer another option for guests, you can offer donuts, mini donuts, cupcakes, cake pops, frosted cookies, ice cream and sprinkles, and more!  The sky is the limit with these sweet treats. Go ahead, create the dessert bar of your dreams!

Escort Cards

Setting up a seating chart?  Add a hint of color to your escort cards to create a functional style element.

plate Chargers

Plate chargers are an elegant way to add some style to your reception tables -- and color!  While the metallic tones of gold and silver are the most popular charger colors, they are available in many shades and styles available.

Signature Cocktails and Drinks

Whether intentional or not, adding signature cocktails and drinks in a festive color can add a bit of zip to your reception decor.  A big bonus is that they are also TASTY!


Not only does a bit of uplighting help decorate a space, it can also add to the ambiance as well.  You can choose one color or multiple colors to really make a statement that your guests will ooooh and ahhh over.

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Shawls + Jackets

If you're getting married in a cooler time of year, consider adding a pop of color with shawls, pashminas, jackets, or cardigans!  Fashion meets function and these colorful pieces can help keep you and your girls warm.

Men's Socks

One of the more amusing ways to add some color -- men's socks.  Whether a single design color or many shades and designs, the guys' socks tend to be a crowd favorite -- to the groomsmen, at least!

Natural Landscaping - Trees, Flowers, etc.

Here is Minnesota, fall is an especially popular time of year to get married -- primarily because of the excellent weather, but also because of the incredible natural colors that occur when the trees and foliage start to turn brilliant shades of red, orange, gold and yellow.  Any landscape gardens or other natural landscape elements can add color and texture to your ceremony site or photo locations as well.

A few other ideas for ways to infuse a pop of color to your wedding day:

  • Menu Cards
  • Guest Favors
  • Reception Table Decor
  • Pew Bows
  • Necklaces and other Jewelry
  • Blankets (for colder climate weddings!)

Did I miss anything?  Comment below if you have other ideas for pops of color on the wedding day!