9 Wedding Planning Secrets (that NOBODY Tells You About)

In the crazy world of weddings, there are literally ENDLESS resources that are available to help you plan your dream wedding.  But sometimes, you really just want someone to cut through the BS and give you the reader's digest version of what you NEED TO KNOW.

Here's a quick list to get you started -- 9 wedding planning secrets that nobody tells you about.  (Good news -- I will!)

wedding planning secrets
  1. Planning a wedding IS exactly like planning and orchestrating a major event. It takes a LOT of time, a lot of planning, and yes, a lot of money. The people that do event planning for a living are usually paid to do this -- you're paying other people to put on your event. Ironic, hmm?

  2. So-called wedding "traditions" can totally be thrown out the window. It's your day. Do what you want. Don't want cake? Don't have it. Want to see each other before the ceremony? DO IT! Totally weirded out by flying garters caught by wedding guests? Skip that.

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  3. Talk with your fiance (and your families, if needed) about your wedding budget + spending plan + who is responsible for what costs. Your original budget idea might double by the time you start to price out vendors and wedding expenses. Be firm in your spending plan, but also be reasonable enough to allow splurges -- I mean, it IS your wedding!

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  4. The "last minute" spending is usually what gets couples in wedding budget trouble. It's all those "little things" that you forget until right before the wedding day that seem to beg you to whip out the credit card and start charging because you've entered the IDGAFTMM phase. (I don't give a F, take my money. It's a real phenomenon, commonly encountered by brides getting married in a month or less. True story.)

  5. Plan your wedding day photos around the BEST LIGHT of the day. If you plan your wedding timeline around the best light (not necessarily the MOST light...), your photos will turn out even more beautifully! Afternoon and near sunset are great times for outdoor photos due to the sun's position in the sky. Don't forget, the sun sets much earlier in the winter. Talk to your photographer and trust their guidance when it comes to the best photography timeline.

  6. The BIGGEST REGRET most married couples have is that they wish they had hired a better photographer (an experienced professional is worth every penny!) The second biggest regret is not hiring a professional wedding videographer. Invest in your memories -- they will be all you have left to remember the day!

  7. Brides and bridesmaids dresses can take 6 MONTHS OR MORE to be delivered from the time of ordering at a bridal salon. Make sure you have at least an 8-9 month head start, otherwise, you'll be buying "off the rack" and needing dresses to be tailored. Since your wedding dress is usually a HUGE statement about your personal style, make sure you leave enough time to get your dream dress!

  8. Think about logistics -- extensive wedding day travel can be time-consuming and frustrating. When you choose your venues, what is their proximity to places such as your home, your relatives, airports, HOTELS!!!, etc. Extensive travel can be a huge burden to your guests and can also place serious constraints on your wedding day timeline. Consider travel time by all parties before you go putting down deposits. In an ideal world, a single venue location for ceremony + reception is the best way to curtail this stress AND make it easier for you and your guests.

  9. Do not DIY everything. Unless you have endless hours of free time, are extremely crafty, unbelievably organized and have an army of people to help you pull off the actual wedding day orchestration of said DIY elements.... put Pinterest away, hire a professional, and enjoy the stress-free, AMAZING wedding day ahead!

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I hope this was helpful to you!  Sometimes you just need someone unbiased to cut through the noise of wedding planning. 

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