5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer For Your Surprise Marriage Proposal


Congratulations!  You've found the love of your life and you want to propose!  The magic and surprise of the proposal happens only once, and so it’s important to have someone who knows exactly how to capture that moment.  Here are our top 5 reasons to hire a professional marriage proposal photographer when you ask those four little words:  "Will you marry me?"

Proposal Collage.jpg
  1. Professional photos offer a beautiful, tangible keepsake of the day both of your lives changed forever with a simple "YES!" You'll be able to see and reminisce about that perfect moment forever!

  2. A professional photographer who specializes in surprise marriage proposals will know how to anticipate moments, movements, light and more. This is critical, especially with proposals that occur in public places with crowds of people that may get in the way of a good shot when you ask the big question.

  3. A professional photographer will use quality, professional-grade photography gear, that can shoot in sun, wind, rain, snow, etc. A cell phone has a lower quality of image and cannot always capture fast motions, adjust exposure, etc. Professional cameras also have a setting that allows them to capture up to 6-7 images PER SECOND, which can be super important for a fast, once-in-a-lifetime moment and the reaction that follows. Nobody wants blurry, underexposed images of the biggest moment of your lives (to this point!).

  4. You'll have GORGEOUS photos to accompany the "Proposal Story" -- you know, the one you'll get asked about over and over again in the months ahead as you begin to plan your wedding day. Bonus -- those photos will become a part of your legacy, your family's story.... "And this is how grandpa asked grandma to marry him!".

  5. Let's face it -- girls love to share engagement and proposal photos on social media of their man down on one knee, photos of the sparkly ring, and an excited kiss or ten! This once-in-a-lifetime moment will be preserved and cherished forever.

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Every couple is different and some couples would rather celebrate quietly and without any fanfare.  But for the madly-in-love couples who want to have their story told through photos, you can count on our experience and creative eye to document the moment beautifully and organically, capturing all of the joy, the tears, the laughs and the kisses of your surprise proposal.

Ready to pop the question?

We'd love to photograph your Twin Cities surprise proposal!