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Hello, Gorgeous!

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.  We know what it is like on BOTH sides of the lens (May 2015, here!).  Our goal is to make you feel at ease and excited about this engagement process and upcoming wedding day.  We are also happy to lend our years of experience, artful eyes, timeline planning skills and our trusted vendor referrals to help create the perfect wedding day.

Our job is extra special… We get to document love stories… the day “forever” begins!  We want to help you remember not only how your day looked, but how it FELT.  We are proud to tell your story.  We live in a time when every little moment seems to be documented in photo and video…yet nothing can replace those unforgettable “moments”. 

What we do is special, it is unique to our vision and we adore clients that work with us to achieve beautiful art and magical moments together.  We are incredibly excited to partner with you for your day!

Enjoy this adventure…we are thrilled to come along for the ride.

Happy planning!

-- Laura + Nathan --

“We are photographers. We are not here to show people what they already see. We are here to give them experiences they would otherwise never have experienced. We are here to preserve the moments that otherwise would have been forgotten.”
— Unknown Author

Our Style

Our photography style is a mix of photojournalism/documentary-style coverage, modern wedding photography, editorial detail photography, creative portraiture, landscape photography and more.  As wedding photographers, we are prepared for any situation and are experts in numerous photography specialities.

Our editing style is generally crisp, vibrant and clean... a more timeless style.  No funky Instagram filters here... just beautiful, timeless images.

When we're photographing a wedding, typical photo coverage looks like this:

wedding day breakdown

  • Photojournalism/Documentary Coverage (60-70%) || This is a major component of our coverage, where we are documenting your day as it unfolds, everything from how your mom looks at you as you put on your gown, to the way that your groom squints his eyes when he laughs hysterically at his best man's speech.  This is "moments-based" coverage and is truly precious to our clients!
  • Editorial / Details (10%) ||  Documenting everything from your dress, shoes, bouquets, antique heirlooms shared with you, your invitation suite, your perfume, the setup of your ceremony... all of these little details that you've spent COUNTLESS hours pondering will all be documented as well!
  • Creative Portraits (10-20%) ||  Depending on how much time / location options we're allowed for creative portraits on your wedding day, creative portraits are ALWAYS our clients "frame-worthy" images that end up on their walls after the wedding day!  That gorgeous image at sunset, or that really cool silhouette of you on a hilltop.  Even just romantic, swoon-worthy Harlequin-style smooches that belong on a romance novel!  Our clients especially love these images at sunset.
  • Lightly Posed Formal Portraits (10%) ||  Making sure you have beautiful, well-lit photos of you and your family, of you and grandma, of you and your flower girl... these are SO important.  We always make the time to document your family legacy.  These lightly posed images are often some of the most cherished after a wedding day!  Our clients recognize and respect our process to carve out time for these timeless photos of their families.

what you can expect

We take a very hands on, full-service approach with our clients.  We want to help make this process as easy as possible for you!  All of our initial questionnaires, contracts and invoicing is done through our online studio.  We will help you plan your perfect wedding day timeline with an emphasis on creating pockets of time for beautiful photos.  We are happy to share our favorite local vendors with you also -- no need to scour through endless wedding directories online.

Below, you will find detailed information and timelines regarding your wedding photography experience and what you can expect before, during, and after your wedding day.

Serving Minnesota and Wisconsin
+ Destinations Worldwide

We will travel anywhere in the world to capture your day.  Let's discuss your plans!  We are regularly commissioned for weddings in Minnesota, in and around the Twin Cities, as well as greater Minnesota areas like Duluth, Rochester, St. Cloud, Alexandria and elsewhere.  If we can drive there or fly there, we'd love to join you! 

We are based in Delano, MN, which is just 20 minutes west of the Twin Cities.  Laura is a seasoned business traveler and Nathan grew up all around the world -- have passports, will travel!

Ready to connect?  So are WE!