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I'm Laura.... Together, my husband Nathan and I have built our incredible wedding + lifestyle photography studio, based in Delano, Minnesota (just 35 minutes west of Minneapolis, Minnesota). I am the lead photographer, editor, web designer, marketing guru, wardrobe consultant, art curator, timeline planner and your new BFF.  Nathan is my partner and second photographer, equipment hauler, hydration and snack expert, and my biggest cheerleader and sanity-saver.

I'm also a new mama to our sweet baby girl named Lily.  She's our pride and joy!  Our feisty pomeranian puppy Riley also keeps us on our toes.

I'm a lifelong Minnesotan and speak fluent sarcasm. I make silly faces at my baby and speak in funny voices to make her smile.  My husband constantly rolls his eyes at my bad (read, AWESOME) jokes and I make friends with pretty much everyone I meet.

I'm so happy you're here!


Meet the Robinsons

About Laura

  • Yes, I am Mrs. Robinson.  I have my own song!
  • I met my husband online (OkCupid!) and love meeting other successful "online matches".  :-)  Not everyone meets their future hubby at school or at the bar!
  • I use way more EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!! and smiley faces :-) than is socially acceptable, but frankly, that's just me.  I do love proper grammar and even my text messages use whole words and complete sentences... but you'll never get me to leave out my !!!!!  and my :-D
  • I'm a 6th generation Minnesotan and 3rd generation small business owner in my family.  We're definitely entrepreneurs at heart!  I currently have 3 brands I operate.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with romantic comedies. "The Proposal" is still my all-time favorite, but it used to be "The Wedding Planner".  Hello, who doesn't want to stare at Ryan Reynolds and Matthew McConaughey!?  :-)
  • Favorite TV shows:  The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, Scandal, 24, How I Met Your Mother, Newsroom, Hart of Dixie, West Wing, The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock
  • As the oldest of 5 siblings, I've always been the "mother hen" type.  My youngest sister is 17 years younger than me, so we have a lot of fun with the large age difference.  The drama of a 12 year old girl seems more complicated these days than I remember...
  • In a past life, I worked in politics and still believe very passionately in common sense.  I subscribe wholeheartedly to the philosophy of "Leave me alone, I'll leave you alone.  Work hard, be kind, be responsible for yourself and your family, and I know how to spend my money better than someone else."
  • I am completely in love with candles.  I have a whole closet full, and I'm constantly changing up which scent I'm burning.  Bath & Body Works' "White Barn Candle Co." are my favorite!
  • I never was able to travel much as a kid, so now I soak in every opportunity I can to travel, anywhere.  Have passport, will travel!  Shoot me a note if you want me to photograph your amazing destination wedding!!  :-)
  • I have this crazy dream to open a wedding venue of my own someday.  As a photographer, there are many beautiful venues, but there is a turning tide in what couples' want for their big day... and I've spent a lot of time thinking about this!  I even have a Pinterest board of places that inspire me that I'd love to drawn from someday.  :-)  

About Nathan

  • Drinks more coffee in one day than most coffee fanatics will drink in a week....
  • Grew up all over the world, as his father was a diplomat from Canada.  Spent several years in India, Germany, Canada and the US.  Eventually became a proud US citizen and renounced his Canadian citizenship.
  • Has a twin brother (fraternal) who is 6 minutes older and 6 inches taller than Nathan.  But even though they live in different countries, they still have that crazy "twin thing" when they're together.
  • Nathan works for a major company in the Twin Cities by day, and is responsible for making sure people get paid!  By weekend, he is a photo ninja extraordinaire.
  • Total nerd and gamer at heart.  PC games, RPG's, tabletop games like Warhammer 40k.  Fun fact: once upon a time, he was the voice of a lead character in a video game.
  • If it is a fantastic or completely terrible horror or sci-fi movie or TV show, he has seen it.  Probably a few dozen times.  
  • Favorite TV shows:  24, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Daredevil, The Office
  • He has a rolling IMDB database for actors and directors in his head that makes trivia nights super fun... he can recognize a really obscure character in a TV show or movie, and then comes the, "Hey, weren't they in _____?"
  • If he could eat sushi ever day, he would (me too!!).  His latest obsession is fresh poke tuna, which we first tried in Hawaii earlier this year!
  • He is a huge military buff, specifically World War II. Also has a newfound passion for aviation.
  • He is a HUUUUUGE fan of the Alien movies (except Alien Resurrection) and has seen them, collectively, probably a few thousand times.  Totally not joking.  He can tell you every single line, any trivia, etc.  (I've watched them all with him exactly once.  I fulfilled my wifely duties, ha!)
  • Together, we dream a lot about moving into the country somewhere, maybe even Texas or Montana someday... finding the peace and serenity of the open space and making our homestead.