Offerings are subject to change at any time.  Sales tax is charged for Minnesota weddings and events.

Full Day coverage is defined per timeline set by photographer; estimated at 1 hour before bride gets into dress through dinner and traditional first dances plus one half hour of open dance or additional reception coverage and will not exceed 12 hours.  All coverage is concurrent in time and any collection with a second photographer is defined for concurrent coverage with lead photographer.  Travel fees may apply outside of the Twin Cities metro area.  Engagement sessions are scheduled Monday to Thursday only on a first come, first serve based on photographer's availability.

coverage options

What kind of coverage do I need?



  • Couples who want the whole day documented
  • Large weddings (250+)
  • Weddings with multiple locations
  • Weddings with significant travel time between venues (30 miles+)
  • Weddings with multiple photography locations desired



  • Most wedding days - 85% of our clients end up with between 9 and 10 hours of coverage for their wedding day timeline
  • Weddings with less than 250 guests
  • Weddings with one single venue OR minimal travel time between locations (15 min. or less)
  • Weddings with multiple photography locations desired



  • Our minimum contract time for a Saturday wedding
  • Small weddings (under 125 guests)
  • Single-Location Weddings (ceremony + reception are in same location)

albums + heirlooms

“Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.”
— Louisa May Alcott, author of "Little Women"

Here at Laura Robinson Photography, we strongly believe that a printed, tangible photo is important to have.  Something you can touch, hold, see.  Something you can pass on to your children and grandchildren... or some professional prints that you can take out of a memory box 40 years from now.  

We proudly offer many beautiful options for professional prints, heirloom photo albums and custom wall art. We live in a digital age, and it is vitally important to print our memories.  Digital files cannot be touched, hung on the wall, seen in an album.  So, while we do offer digital negatives, we would love to share our printed products with you.

....When is the last time you printed photos that you took on your cell phone?  How many old photos are stored on an old laptop somewhere?  And how many VHS tapes did you once own, only to not even own a VCR anymore? 

As technology changes, once thing stays constant -- a printed photograph, printed on archival quality paper with professional inks, will last a lifetime.  Just as grandma and grandpa's wedding photo still survives in a beautiful silver frame, your photos should be preserved and loved also.

Print. Cherish. Love... Pass It On!

heirloom albums

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Wall Art

artwork 6.jpg
Wall Art Sizes.png

Various Wall Art Gallery Designs Available