Hey there! We’re the Robinsons.   Minnesota-based wedding and proposal photographers.

Hey there! We’re the Robinsons.
Minnesota-based wedding and proposal photographers.

We believe that REAL + FUN! is better that perfect, any day of the week.  But we also recognize the care and detail that is put into planning your wedding celebration.  We'll capture all the big events, the important moments, and all the little moments and pretty details, too. Your photos will look as great on your walls as they will in a magazine.

We believe that GREAT wedding photos not only show you what it looked like, but how it FELT to be a part of your wedding day. 

We believe in the joyful, tearful, amazing candid moments, but also place tremendous value in the beautiful and intentional portraits of you and your family.

We believe in timeless, museum-quality heirlooms that will still be enjoyed by your family generations from now.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with you to tell the most authentic, amazing story possible.  Trust and fun are the core of all we do, and wedding days are way more fun with friends!  Cheers!

We believe that you should really say HELLO! if you want your wedding photo experience to be just like that ^^^!

Get to know us



Lead Photographer
Photo Editor
Client Manager

Laura is a 6th generation Minnesota girl, born and raised.  She is happily married to Nathan and the proud mama of to a spunky toddler named Lily and a feisty Pomeranian pup named Riley.  As a third-generation small business owner, she enjoys the freedom (and the challenge) of entrepreneurship.  She is obsessed with Amazon Prime, grocery shopping, EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!! and waterfalls.  Don't be surprised if she cries at your wedding and does a polka with your grandpa on the dance floor.  She speaks fluent sarcasm and is known to make friends with pretty much everyone she meets in 5 minutes or less.

More Fun Facts about Laura

  • Things she loves: Candles (specifically from Bath and Body Works!), "punny" jokes, chai lattes, having entire conversations in GIFs, BRUNCH!, warm blankets, moscato, Amazon Prime and Target, baby smiles, a fantastic sunset, Restoration Hardware, sushi, cold brew coffee, opening up a client's freshly delivered photo album, spending time with family

  • Things she does NOT love: Mayonnaise, early mornings, people who don't use their turn signals, poor grammar

  • Favorite TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock, Gilmore Girls, Scandal, 24, How I Met Your Mother, Newsroom, Hart of Dixie, West Wing, The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock

  • Best way to start the day: Sneaking into our daughter's room when she wakes up and greeting her with a big smile and a "good morning, beautiful!"... and getting a HUGE smile and a “hi, mama!”. #meltyourheart

  • Fun Fact: In her HS yearbook, she was named "Most Likely to Be in the CIA".



Associate Photographer
Equipment Manager
Snack Guru

Nathan is an ex-Canadian who now happily calls Minnesota home.  He grew up all over the world (his dad was a diplomat) and has a twin brother who now lives in England (they look nothing alike!).  By day, he works as a senior payroll analyst.  By weekend, he is a photo ninja extraordinaire.  He is well-known for his coffee and hot sauce addictions, being a sci-fi whiz, and creating memes for every occasion.  If you feed him sushi, you'll instantly be friends.  Someday, he'd love to learn to fly (he LOVES his flight simulator game) and, if given the chance, he would totally take a trip to space.

More Fun Facts about Nathan

  • Things he loves: Coffee, hot sauces (he has an entire collection and is now learning to make his own!), any sci-fi or horror movie (even the terrible ones), fresh poke bowls, hilarious memes, bad lip-reading videos, any sushi, military history, sport shooting, PC gaming, coconut La Croix water, making silly faces and giving baby lots of daddy smooches

  • Things he does NOT love: Fruit of any kind (unless it's in a pie), hipster man buns, hoppy beer, pickles, being the center of attention

  • Favorite TV shows: 24, Dexter, Sherlock, The Walking Dead, Band of Brothers, Game of Thrones, Firefly, Daredevil, The Office

  • Best way to start the day: Making a huuuuuge pot of coffee and enjoying the silence... since Lily and mama are usually still sleeping

  • Fun Fact: He once voiced the lead character of a video game.

The littlest Robinson — meet Lily! She has stolen our hearts and kisses!

 Laura Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com
Happy first birthday to our little Lily Bear!

Happy first birthday to our little Lily Bear!

 Laur Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com
 Laur Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com
 Laur Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com
 Laur Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com
 Laur Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com