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Looking for a wedding photography mentor or some great online resources to grow your photography business?

Laura Robinson Photography offers several great resources for new and experienced photographers.  In a previous career, I was a corporate training and sales manager.  It was my job to teach others how to use technology, to evaluate their current situations and offer feedback and solutions. 

I've invested over 15 years into my photography education, invested tens of thousands of dollars on educational resources, attended numerous conferences and workshops, and photographed alongside some of the world's best photographers, including Two Mann Studios (Erika + Lanny Mann), Susan Stripling, Julie Paisley, Justin + Mary (Justin + Mary Marantz), Callaway Gable (Brian + Allison Callaway), and more.

I believe that the only way to become a better artist is to learn from others who've gone before you; you can spend years using trial and error or you can learn from myself and other industry professionals who have spent years building successful businesses and honing our crafts.

I would love to help you grow your business and give you honest, helpful advice to become an even better photographer and serve and love your clients better.  Wishing you had some new resources to help you better connect and communicate with your clients? Need a fresh set of eyes to review your portfolio?  Or perhaps you're looking for a mentor who will offer you unbiased, honest and helpful advice about your business workflow, your work and offers support.

There's no time like the present to take things to the next level. And I'm here to help!

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What's In Our Bags - Wedding Day Gear List

A professional photographer has to have the tools to do the job -- no matter what a wedding day throws at us!  Take a look at our gear bag to see our favorite products and what we bring with us to every wedding and event.

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Associate Photographer Program

Love weddings and want to exclusively photograph them under the LRP brand?  Check out our new Associate Photographer Program and apply today!


Workflow | A Brief Overview of the photography Software and online Tools We Use

Behind every successful photography studio, there is an efficient and effective workflow.  As a photography business grows, there is generally a lot of trial and error when it comes to workflow, software systems and efficiency.  No need to try/fail/change/do over anymore... Check out our list of the software and tools that we use to keep our studio running smoothly!

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Portfolio Critique

Looking for a fresh set of eyes to offer a critical, constructive review of your portfolio? As artists, it is healthy and encouraged to submit our work for critique from time to time, to other professionals.  Our clients may love your work, but could it be stronger?  Is your portfolio cluttered?  Is your editing inconsistent?  Are you truly showcasing the work you want to attract your ideal client?

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1:1 Mentoring

Starting a new photography business or just looking to take your business to the next level?  This individualized 1:1 Mentoring session includes up to 8 hours of individual discussions, evaluation and constructive critique of your portfolio, client communications, workflow and more.

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wedding Workflow Client Questionnaires

small group workshops

LRP's color and black+white lightroom presets

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