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Lauren + Eric | Holiday Garden Proposal at Como Conservatory | St. Paul Proposal Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

PROPOSAL LOCATION: Sunken Garden at Como Conservatory, St. Paul, MN
RING: Tiffany + Co.

Eric proposed to Lauren at the Sunken Gardens at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory at Como Zoo. The annual holiday poinsettia show was the perfect, romantic, WARM place to propose in Minnesota in the winter!

Their journey together began in college. He was a student at the U of M, she was at Saint Catherine University. After a chance meeting at a house party, they traded numbers and went on their first date a week later. After 6.5 years, Eric devised the perfect plan to surprise his very plan-oriented girlfriend — it was going to be a challenge to catch her off-guard and he needed her friends’ help to pull it off!

They came up with the idea to trick Lauren into getting to the conservatory under the guise of a charity event. The girls all got dressed up and when they arrived at the conservatory, they were guided to another garden, but her friends decided to “sneak in” to take some selfies in the stunning Sunken Gardens. Eric hid outside, peeking into the windows through the tropical tree branches, waiting for Lauren’s back to turn. While the girls worked their distraction magic, Eric sneaked in right up behind Lauren, who was shocked to see him standing there. As the shock took over, Eric led her to the top of the staircase inside the garden and proceeded to get down on one knee, pulling out the iconic blue box that held the most perfect solitaire from Tiffany. SHE SAID YES!

After lots of laughs, tears, hugs and kisses, they shared their joy with Lauren’s friends and enjoyed the magic of the moment. After the proposal, they went Lauren’s parents, who were waiting with champagne to congratulate them. They facetimed Eric's parents in Wisconsin and called a bunch of other friends and family as they basked in the joy of their engagement. A perfect end to a perfect evening!

Congratulations, lovebirds!

Lauren + Eric’s proposal was featured on How They Asked by The Knot — Check out their feature here!

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Sara + Bishoy | Romantic Holiday Proposal at the Holidazzle - Minneapolis, MN Proposal Photographer

— Watch the amazing video that Bishoy made for Sara! —

There is something ultra romantic about twinkle lights and snuggling up close to your beloved. Add in a secret plan to propose with a melt-your-heart video at the Holidazzle in Minneapolis and you have a recipe for an unforgettable night!

Bishoy and Sara met through church and he knew that she was The One. He started to think about how he wanted to propose and began to formulate his plans to ask Sara to spend forever by his side. With the extraordinary video talents by Bishoy and the super helpful on-site coordination from Mark at the Holidazzle, we set the plan in motion to turn a seemingly adventure at the Holidazzle into a night to remember.

Bishoy and Sara were joined by Sara’s sister, who was in charge of keeping Sara distracted as Bishoy escaped her side. As the Rockapella band wrapped up their set on the stage, the crowd was informed that there was a little surprise in store for them….

As the video began to play on the jumbo screen, Sara’s pup greeted her on screen — she would recognize that bark anywhere! When she turned her gaze to the screen, realization started to set in at what was happening and Sara was all smiles (and a bit of confusion, wondering where Bishoy went, when he had been right next to her moments beforehand!).

With her sister by her side, Sara watched the screen as their families offered up their blessings to the lyrics from Jason Mraz’ hit “Have it All”. Bishoy finally emerged from the shadows once more and waited for Sara to join him under the twinkling lights. GO GO GO the song cried out and Sara made her way over to Bishoy, who got down on one knee and asked her to spend forever with him. SHE SAID YES!

She was surprised again when their families rushed to their sides with hugs and balloons and well wishes for the happy couple, some coming from as far as Georgia for the occasion! We ended our evening with a quick jaunt around the festival and they joined their families at Sara’s parents’ home for an evening of celebration.

…. As if it was meant to be, the free movie that played on the jumbo screen just happened to be “It’s A Wonderful Life”. How fitting!

Congratulation, lovebirds!! What an amazing memory to have of such a life-changing moment.

Livja + Katy | Snowy Nighttime Proposal - Minneapolis, MN Proposal Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

PROPOSAL LOCATION: Mississippi Riverfront, St. Anthony Main, Minneapolis, MN

Baby, it’s cold outside… but that didn’t stop Livja from telling Katy how much she loved her and how excited she was to spend forever together! On a cold November night, Livja invited Katy to meet her at St. Anthony Main. She wanted to make their proposal special, set to the twinkling lights of the city they fell in love. After a (very) brief walk along St. Anthony Main, Livja pulled Katy in and got down on one knee. An ecstatic Katy shrieked in excitement, whipped her purse a la Mary Tyler Moore and in their excitement, the ring suddenly went flying into the snow! “I’ll dig for it with my bare hands!” Katy cried out. A quick search found the sparkler and the two lovebirds made it official!


Amanda + Justin | Surprise Proposal After New Home Closing - Minneapolis Proposal Photographer

Proposal Location:  The couple's new home in the Edina / Minneapolis area,  which they had closed on that morning!

Amanda is a Kansas girl and Justin is a good ol' Texas boy.  Over 8 years, they have found themselves in several states, dating long-distance and finally together here in the Twin Cities. When Justin decided he was going to propose to Amanda, he didn't yet know that a new home closing would soon be in their future!  As he made his plans and custom designed her perfect engagement ring all the way back in Dallas, the plans started to come together.

They closed on their brand new home on a chilly April morning.  Since all of their family is out-of-state, they decided that a photographer was a great idea to capture such a special time in their lives.  Justin and Laura had secretly planned out the "extra" activities of the photo shoot... and it went off beautifully!

As the couple stood in their brand new living room, Justin told Amanda that he had something he wanted to ask her... he spun her around and got down on one knee.  To Amanda's surprise, she had to ask him if he was kidding, as she wasn't sure if this was the "real deal" yet, as Justin had been known to prank her a few times before!

With the most beautiful ring in hand, Amanda said YES!

The living room was filled with an overwhelming amount of joy and happy tears, laughter, hugs and kisses.  The happy couple shared some more champagne and then Justin told Amanda all about how his master plan came to be over the last few months.  Amanda finally realized how all of the pieces came together and they retold their love story, while sitting in their furniture-less new kitchen.  They then took the time to call and Facetime with their parents and share their happy news!

With champagne and rose petals, the future Mr. and Mrs. took some fun photos inside and then headed outside to capture some images in front of their new home -- with a shiny new ring adorning Amanda's hand!  They also got to meet a few of their friendly new neighbors and finally sealed the deal with a smooch as they walked back over the threshold to their new home.

What a perfect day for such an incredible, loving couple.  Double the celebration, double the fun!

Congratulations, lovebirds!