Surprise Proposal

Shaina + Jonathan | Loring Park Proposal - Minneapolis Proposal Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

Planning a proposal from afar in a city you have only visited a few times can be a challenge -- especially when your future fiance is by your side 24/7 on a 5 month roadtrip!  Jonathan secretly planned to propose to Shaina when they arrived back in the Twin Cities to visit her family before taking off on a vacation.  We had one shot, one night, to pull this off! 

After numerous emails back and forth (because we couldn't chat on the phone!), the plan was to take Shaina out for some handcrafted cocktails and then go for a walk through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Many screenshots of Google Maps later, we had a game plan.  The forecast looked touch and go, but the morning of the proposal, the radar was looking great for the evening's proposal.

The couple started their adventure off at Parlour, and enjoyed some of Minneapolis' top handcrafted cocktails and the famous Parlous burgers.  Then the winds shifted and the rain began and it seemed touch and go with whether or not this proposal would even happen as planned or if we'd have to come up with a new plan B on a whim.  A double rainbow graced the skies in the moments before the proposal.

Just as we were about to call for an impromptu Plan B.... the rain stopped and the skies cleared just in time for a perfect proposal!  After strolling through the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, the couple made their way through Loring Park and found themselves walking through a picturesque alleyway that reminded them of the beautiful architecture in Europe, where they had been living.

Jonathan dropped to one knee and asked Shaina to spend forever with him -- she said YES!  After lots of hugs and kisses, laughs and a few tears, they were greeted by family and close friends waiting at the nearby Cafe Lurcat.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening!

Congratulations, lovebirds!

Julia + Christian | Surprise Proposal at the Stone Arch Bridge - Minneapolis, MN

 Laura Robinson Photography |

Sometimes, the best kept secret is the one you share with all of your friends!  Julia and Christian are college sweethearts whose friends banded together to help pull off the perfect sunset proposal at the Stone Arch Bridge. 

While Julia enjoyed a dinner date with her sorority sisters at the Aster Cafe, Christian and his buddies joined me at the Stone Arch Bridge to pull off the perfect proposal.  As the ladies departed the restaurant, they headed to the Stone Arch Bridge to take some photos "for recruitment" for their sorority... little did Julia know that all of her friends were in on the big secret! 

As they stopped to pose for a few photos, Christian sneaked up behind her with a beautiful heirloom engagement ring and the surprise on her face says it all!  He got down on one knee with the beautiful Minneapolis skyline behind them and asked her to marry him.  After a YES! and an endless stream of excited kisses, we snapped some portraits of the two of them and even made a pit stop at the famed Izzy's Ice Cream!

Congratulations, lovebirds!

(Fun fact:  Julia and I belong to the same sorority -- Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Minnesota!  Small world!  #thetalove)

Ericka + Ryan | Aquarium Proposal at SEA LIFE Minnesota - Bloomington, MN Proposal Photographer

Ericka and Ryan - Proposal-83.jpg

PROPOSAL LOCATION:  SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium - Mall of America - Bloomington, MN

When Ryan first contacted me about photographing his proposal to Ericka, he immediately mentioned the Sea Life aquarium at the Mall of America.  What he didn't mention at the time was that he was planning to drive from Indiana to Minnesota to surprise Ericka and propose!  Since the Super Bowl also happened to be in town, it was a busy weekend in the Twin Cities.  With some extra stealthy assistance from Ericka's sister, Taylor, and the fine staff of the aquarium (who helped me to find the right "fish tunnel"!), Ryan was able to pull off a beautiful proposal.  He got down on one knee under the shimmering light of the water and asked Ericka to be his wife -- and she said YES!  

To add to the magic of the day, there was a heavy snow front that decided to move in on the Twin Cities -- and we took full advantage of the big, beautiful, fluffy flakes.  We headed to the Centennial Lakes Park in Edina and wandered around for a few minutes before deciding that the Minnesota cold was better enjoyed from inside.  With some hot cocoa in hand, Ericka and Ryan thawed out in front of the fire, full of laughs and smiles as the reality set in that they had decided on forever!

Congratulations, lovebirds!!

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