Minneapolis Proposal

Sara + Bishoy | Romantic Holiday Proposal at the Holidazzle - Minneapolis, MN Proposal Photographer

— Watch the amazing video that Bishoy made for Sara! —

There is something ultra romantic about twinkle lights and snuggling up close to your beloved. Add in a secret plan to propose with a melt-your-heart video at the Holidazzle in Minneapolis and you have a recipe for an unforgettable night!

Bishoy and Sara met through church and he knew that she was The One. He started to think about how he wanted to propose and began to formulate his plans to ask Sara to spend forever by his side. With the extraordinary video talents by Bishoy and the super helpful on-site coordination from Mark at the Holidazzle, we set the plan in motion to turn a seemingly adventure at the Holidazzle into a night to remember.

Bishoy and Sara were joined by Sara’s sister, who was in charge of keeping Sara distracted as Bishoy escaped her side. As the Rockapella band wrapped up their set on the stage, the crowd was informed that there was a little surprise in store for them….

As the video began to play on the jumbo screen, Sara’s pup greeted her on screen — she would recognize that bark anywhere! When she turned her gaze to the screen, realization started to set in at what was happening and Sara was all smiles (and a bit of confusion, wondering where Bishoy went, when he had been right next to her moments beforehand!).

With her sister by her side, Sara watched the screen as their families offered up their blessings to the lyrics from Jason Mraz’ hit “Have it All”. Bishoy finally emerged from the shadows once more and waited for Sara to join him under the twinkling lights. GO GO GO the song cried out and Sara made her way over to Bishoy, who got down on one knee and asked her to spend forever with him. SHE SAID YES!

She was surprised again when their families rushed to their sides with hugs and balloons and well wishes for the happy couple, some coming from as far as Georgia for the occasion! We ended our evening with a quick jaunt around the festival and they joined their families at Sara’s parents’ home for an evening of celebration.

…. As if it was meant to be, the free movie that played on the jumbo screen just happened to be “It’s A Wonderful Life”. How fitting!

Congratulation, lovebirds!! What an amazing memory to have of such a life-changing moment.

Shaina + Jonathan | Loring Park Proposal - Minneapolis Proposal Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com

Planning a proposal from afar in a city you have only visited a few times can be a challenge -- especially when your future fiance is by your side 24/7 on a 5 month roadtrip!  Jonathan secretly planned to propose to Shaina when they arrived back in the Twin Cities to visit her family before taking off on a vacation.  We had one shot, one night, to pull this off! 

After numerous emails back and forth (because we couldn't chat on the phone!), the plan was to take Shaina out for some handcrafted cocktails and then go for a walk through the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.  Many screenshots of Google Maps later, we had a game plan.  The forecast looked touch and go, but the morning of the proposal, the radar was looking great for the evening's proposal.

The couple started their adventure off at Parlour, and enjoyed some of Minneapolis' top handcrafted cocktails and the famous Parlous burgers.  Then the winds shifted and the rain began and it seemed touch and go with whether or not this proposal would even happen as planned or if we'd have to come up with a new plan B on a whim.  A double rainbow graced the skies in the moments before the proposal.

Just as we were about to call for an impromptu Plan B.... the rain stopped and the skies cleared just in time for a perfect proposal!  After strolling through the Minneapolis Sculpture Gardens, the couple made their way through Loring Park and found themselves walking through a picturesque alleyway that reminded them of the beautiful architecture in Europe, where they had been living.

Jonathan dropped to one knee and asked Shaina to spend forever with him -- she said YES!  After lots of hugs and kisses, laughs and a few tears, they were greeted by family and close friends waiting at the nearby Cafe Lurcat.  It was the perfect ending to a perfect evening!

Congratulations, lovebirds!

Ryan + Jen | Winter Sunrise Proposal at the Stone Arch Bridge - Minneapolis, MN Proposal Photographer

 Laur Robinson Photography | www.laurarobinsonphoto.com

Proposal Location:  Stone Arch Bridge - Minneapolis, MN

Ryan proposed to Jen on the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, in the moments before sunrise on a chilly winter morning.  A coating of fresh snow lined the bridge and added to the magic of the morning, as the bridge lamps hadn't yet turned off for the day. 

The sweeping views of downtown Minneapolis are special to these two, as they used to live in a condo at the other end of the Stone Arch Bridge, on the edge of downtown.  When Ryan came to me with the idea to propose on the bridge at sunrise, I thought it was a fabulous idea -- and surely to be the earliest proposal I'd ever photographed!  We knew we had to time it perfectly to have enough light to take photos and to hopefully still see the signs lit up in the background.

As the happy couple enjoyed a stroll down the empty bridge, they came to a stop and Ryan got down on one knee, holding up a magnificent diamond ring.  She said YES!  After joyous hugs and kisses, they continued on their morning journey, their lives forever changed. 

Congratulations, lovebirds!!

(Fun fact:  Kara + Drew, one of our 2018 wedding couples, were literally at the other end of the bridge hoping to catch the sunrise, and passed by Ryan + Jen moments after the proposal!  Such a small world!)