In Home Newborn Session

TWINS - Baby C + Baby M | St. Paul Newborn Photographer

Kurtz Twins - In Home Newborn Session St Paul-123.jpg

When Baby Colton + Baby Max made their way into the world, they had to hang out at the NICU for a little while.  So it was quite the celebration when they finally got to come home!  These two beautiful baby boys are already two peas in a pod, already fighting for crib space and the attention of their parents... but man, oh man.... they are SO DARN CUTE!

I shared an afternoon in St. Paul at Gina + Dan's home snuggling babies, taking a few photographs and sharing my secret tips for baby calming.... I've got a 9 month head start on parenthood, so I was happy to share my best baby hacks and reminisce about the days of sleeping in.  (Best hack:  if you have a Google Home, you can totally tell google to "play soothing sounds" and it will shush your baby to sleep!). 

Now go enjoy all the newborn goodness of these little gents!