Rebecca + Derik | Love in Bloom at Lyndale Rose Gardens - Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

Rebecca + Derik’s sunset engagement session was at one of my absolutely FAVORITE places in the Twin Cities - the Lyndale Rose Gardens! They chose the location because it is super close to their home, which was both fun and a bit nostalgic - they recently purchased a new home in western MN, so we had fun documenting their love story in one of their favorite local spots. The spring blossoms were all in bloom, including the stunning lilacs (which smelled heavenly!). As sunset drew closer, we headed over to Lake Harriet to take in the colorful skies, as the haze from northern wildfires turned the sky vibrant hues of pink and orange as the sun dipped below the horizon. So excited to celebrate their upcoming summer wedding at Crooked Willow in Osakis!

Congrats, lovebirds!

Kyla + Ryan | Romantic Late Fall Outdoor Engagement Session in the Woods - Delano, MN Engagement Photographer

Kyla and Ryan - Twin Cities Engagement Photographer-42.jpg

Their love story began in the 6th grade. But like many middle school relationships, things didn’t exactly work out back then. But Kyla and Ryan remained best friends all through high school and did seemingly everything together. Everyone except Kyla seemed to know that Ryan thought of her as more than a friend…

After graduation, Ryan left for basic training with the United States Air Force. When he came back home during Christmas break, the pair spent more time together — and when Ryan left once more, Kyla was heartbroken. She realized that he was the one for her, that she loved him, and that he was under her nose all along. So she wrote him a letter, confessing her love and putting it all on the line. The feeling was mutual and these two began years of long-distance dating, cherishing every scarce moment they got to share together and always enjoyed their “airport kisses”…

When Ryan proposed, they had spent the day skiing and then headed to a cabin in the mountains of Colorado. He packed a little picnic and they went to the top of the mountain during sunset where he asked Kyla to spend forever with him. She said YES! As Kyla said, “it was absolutely perfect and a dream come true.”

Congratulations, lovebirds!

McKenna + Kelly | Winter in the Park - Delano, MN Engagement Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

After all of these years… McKenna and Kelly are finally turning their long-time, long-distance relationship into a long-time, close-together, FINALLY FOREVER marriage!

They met at church when they were both in middle school. McKenna had just moved to Minnesota. They had mutual crushes on one another for years… but they didn't start dating until a few years later in high school. Over the years, across multiple moves and colleges, they’ve found themselves in different states, and then even in the same state, though still an hour apart. But their love and dedication is truly a testament that love knows no distance or time.

On the day Kelly proposed, they went on a hike, and the trail they were hiking had a lot of broken glass on it. McKenna decided to create a project with the beautiful pieces of glass along the path. At one point, she knelt down to pick up a piece and Kelly said "Come look at what I found." When she walked around him, she saw a beautiful ring in his hand (not the glass pieces she was expecting!). He told her he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. When Kelly finally asked McKenna to marry him, SHE SAID YES!

These two cannot WAIT to finally be married and end that long distance relationship, for once and for all!

Congratulations, lovebirds! We are excited to celebrate with you at the beautiful Almquist Farm this summer!