Brittany + Mac | A "Home Run" Proposal at Target Field - Minneapolis Proposal Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

For Brittany and Mac, a trip to Minneapolis see their beloved Twins play was already going to be special. But Mac had an even bigger surprise — one that sparkled!

Many months of planning, collaborating, secret plans and schedule changes led up to this day. Mac had booked a private tour of Target Field and knew he wanted to ask Brittany to marry him at the place she had joked that she would “totally marry [him] on home plate”.

They had traveled from Fargo down to Minneapolis to celebrate Mac’s birthday a few days early… or so Brittany thought. The day before the proposal, Mac told Brittany he had booked a last-minute tour at Target Field the next day. He even got her to wear her Twins shirt during the tour — even though the game wasn’t until 7pm.

When they arrived at the stadium, the plan was on. Brittany and Mac entered through the gates and were met for their private tour by their awesome guide, Rick (aka Yoda!). What Brittany didn’t know was that there was a whole crew of people working behind the scenes to make this happen. It also happened to be a game day — which meant that the grounds crew was busy preparing the field for the game. The timing had to be JUST RIGHT for this to work!

As they neared the end of their tour and headed out to the field, the plan was to have Yoda “take a photo” of them on home plate — just long enough for me to sneak out of my hiding spot in the dugout. A public tour group got a big surprise when they were seated behind home plate and Mac turned to Brittany and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! SHE SAID YES!! Now that’s what I call a “home run”! After the excitement of the proposal, Brittany and Mac had to laugh and ask if Mac even got down on one knee. (He did!)

As a surprise, Yoda brought out a baseball that has been signed by other couples who got engaged at Target Field. Brittany and Mac signed the baseball, which is kept in the Twins archives — what a neat piece of history they are now a part of!

We had a blast grabbing some photos of them in the seats and outside the stadium, before ducking into the quiet skyway to FaceTime their families with the big news!

Congratulations, lovebirds!

Special thanks to the amazing crew at Target Field and extra special thanks to Forrest, Dylan, Rick, Bill, and Andrew. This would not have been possible without your exceptional help, patience, and collaboration!

Ring: Wimmer’s Diamonds - Fargo, ND