Anne + Peter | Twin Cities Helicopter Proposal - Minneapolis, MN Proposal Photographer

 Laura Robinson Photography |

PROPOSAL LOCATION: Minnesota Helicopters - Anoka County Airport, Blaine, MN

When a man loves a woman, he’ll go to incredible heights to show her. Such was the case for Peter and Anne. Peter wanted to plan an unforgettable proposal and decided to take Anne up in a helicopter to show her the world. He also had a secret plan — include family in on the proposal as well!

We met up at the Blaine Airport and our awesome pilot, Noah, helped us pull off the secret — I was there taking photos for their new website and Anne and Peter were enjoying the ride. As we lifted off, we saw the skyline of Minneapolis and then headed over to St. Paul and saw all of the iconic landmarks from the sky. What a view!

When we landed, Peter pulled Anne in for a hug, just long enough for the family members to run out with a big banner and balloons, waiting for her to see them. When Anne left Peter’s embrace, she turned around and saw the proposal banner. After an ecstatic squeal of glee, she turned around to see Peter down on one knee, asking her to spend forever with him. SHE SAID YES! After being rushed by their loved ones, hugs and well wishes abounded, and a few bottles of champagne were popped as well!

Congratulations, lovebirds!