A Day in the Life: The Shaw Family | St. Paul Family Lifestyle Photographer

As a Twin Cities Family Photographer, one of my favorite sessions to photograph is a "Day in the Life" documentary session.  This is an organic "lifestyle" photo session, with a few portraits thrown in for good measure.  And for a few hours, I get to see a glimpse into their lives, and show them what it looks like, through my lens.

It was an honor to capture the silliness, the joy, and the love inside the Shaw home.  With her kids and his kids, two families blended together to form a new family.  With lots of laughter, some board games, an epic rock band session, fresh baked bread (Kristi's mother's famous recipe!), a werewolf, and even a little blonde-haired princess who liked to pretend to hide from my camera.... we had a wonderful afternoon together for their documentary family lifestyle session.

This is a day in the life of the Shaw family.  Thank you for opening your home and allowing me to capture this snapshot in time of what life is like in your world.